Art has been a truly transformative force in my life.

Even though art is subjective, I feel that if one keeps an open mind, one can find beauty in any medium. Therefore, my goal in each of these paintings is to motivate and inspire others to experiment with movement and spontaneity in art like I have.

What I love about painting is the ability to make something out of nothing. The creative process becomes my therapy, allowing me to become a more sustainable person. I am dedicated to enhancing the intensity of my work, developing colors and textures to push the boundaries of the viewers’ reactions.



Greenhills School Student Art Exhibit- Ann Arbor, MI (2006-2009)

Ann Arbor Art Center Junior Showing- (2006)

Greenhills School Breast Cancer Fundraiser- Ann Arbor, MI (2007)

Ugly Mug Café- Ypsilanti, MI (2008)

Community Rebirth Art Battle- Ypsilanti, MI (2009)

Arab American Fundraiser hosted by the Arab American Museum- Dearborn, MI (2010)

Café Verde- Ann Arbor, MI (2009)

Michigan State University’s West Circle Complex; Landon Hall- East Lansing, MI (2009-Present)

University of Michigan’s Palmer Commons Gallery- Ann Arbor, MI (2012-2013)

AC Gallery; Retrospective Exhibition- Los Angeles, CA (2018)

AC Gallery; ACerotic Exhibition- Los Angeles, CA (2018)




Ann Arbor, MI